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BC Kolín 75- Basket Brno 80

Εmotions are unbelievable when you take over a team consisting of young boys, with the expected normal inexperience and insecurity, to see them become giants in the court giving their energy and soul.

My boys did it again. We got a great victory over the Κolin team. Another remarkable away win, overturning the score from -17 in the second half, that settles us in 8th place from the penultimate one we were holding just two months ago.

We fought to the end, and although we were behind in the score, my players gave their best for the result that justifies our efforts!

I am blessed and lucky to work with you guys and I enjoy every day near you!

You shall be in time, with hard work and faith, what you dream about yourselves and not what others assume that you are. Keep on fighting for your dreams!Go Brno!

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