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Oberwart Gunners 60th anniversary

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

It is with great honor and quite emotional, to have accepted the warm invitation of the Oberwart Gunners, and I will be attending at the event tomorrow for the 60th anniversary of the Club. Friendly faces and memories forever captured in my mind. Two memorable years of pride, during which we all together lived a dreamy fairytale in this adorable city. The legend of this small town, having the youngest roster and the lowest budget, that managed to succeed in everything and win both Austrian Championship and Austrian Cup. The forever Champion in my heart, who heartfully welcomed me, respected me as a professional and as a Greek. We shared and believed in the same vision, motivation, faith, hard work, and of course, I could do nothing else but to give this love back. I felt like an Austrian and you celebrated cheerfully like Greeks! I love you all! Happy 60th Anniversary Oberwart Gunners!!!

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