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Thank you Egoe Basket Brno

Another very satisfying year has come to an end, with many emotions, great victories and experiences that can become lifetime lessons. The youngest team in the NBL Czech league, being at risk at the start of the season, managed the best result in its last 12 years.

Team's strengths are always youth, motivation, energy, faith in the abilities of these boys and hard work.

I am glad that my profession feels like a service in any country I have worked for. I am referring to the creation, improvement and efficiency of young teams made up of inexperienced players but very committed to their goal, their career.

It is now a common rule that the motivation, the dream of young athletes, the common goal, the dreams of all of them together and the hard work, always bring positive results and foundations for the future., when supported by trust and patience.

I am very lucky to have worked for another year with young players who were thirsty for distinction and a good career. You are wonderful and the future is yours! I would like to thank the management, my co-workers and of course our fans who helped us a lot. Thank you Egoe Basket BRNO! #chrischougaz #basketbrno

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