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Union Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées Basket vs. JSA Bordeaux- Tribute to Edouard SERSIRON

Every person has an inspiration in his life. The world is a series of experiences and thoughts and the most successful people are those who dare to face all the challenges and take their lives as the biggest challenge of all.

In sports I see warriors. I see agony, pain, anticipation, courage, bravery, strength of soul. I see justice, equality, altruism, fair play. I see hopes and dreams. The sporting idea is a robust and unprecedented expression of the human will to move forward. At a time when the materialistic view of things prevails, these messages of sports are more relevant than ever. We are often witnesses of incidents that hurt the idea of ​​sport, create conditions for questioning its essence and philosophy. Some "battles" may be lost, but the idea remains strong.

As coaches we are in charge of the difficult task of spreading this great message of sport.

Tomorrow our team plays against Bordeaux . Part of the tickets profit will be donated for the fight and the research against Cancer, honoring the memory and desire of a man who loved basketball, and humans, Eduard Sersiron, who was the president of the team of Lourdes for years and sadly passed away this summer.

We are waiting for your support!


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