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2/2 and the play-offs are one step closer

And yes our team managed a third win in a row, in Besançon (94-86).

We are committed to succeed in this second phase of the NM1 schedule and we are heading with confidence to the play-offs.

The schedule is demanding as we are on the road for a match every 3 days.

Currently we share the position with 4 more teams 6W-4L having a safe distance from the others in the group.

The end of the game last night was not satisfying for me , but we managed to control the game.

It is teamwork and that is what we need to keep striving for and focus on.

Teams win championships not individuals.

Now, we are on the road back to our base and we will meet on Friday evening (8 p.m.) at the Quai de l'Adour for the reception of Boulogne, who were defeated last night against Vitré (66-72).

Of course we wait for our fans and supporters to be by our side once again!


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