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"European Cinema Days" Festival

I would like to thank the The Embassy of Greece in Prague for the invitation to anniversary event and the "European Cinema Days" Festival where, the film “1968” as the Greek entry was introduced by director Mr. Tassos Boulmetis himself.

A film which combines sports documentary with fiction and features well known Greek actors On April 4th 1968, the Greek basketball team AEK confronted, as an outsider, Slavia of Prague, at the European Cup Final in Athens. While 80.000 spectators watched the match at the Stadium, the whole country is sharing the excitement from the radio broadcasting.

It was a great thrill and emotional experience to watch the film next to the protagonists of that game, as well as many Greek friends! The Czech players, with the great Giri Zidek and his teammates and the director Mr. Tassos Boulmetis.

Actually the film touched everyone.

The whole country united for the victory of ten poor Greek children ...The Power of the TEAM and MOTIVATION ...

The grandeur of the opponent who made the round of the triumph with the winners, making them winners as well...

As a former player and coach (last year at the Slavia-USK Prague), I thank the protagonists of the project and the event for the unforgettable ,strong feelings that the film 1968 offered us.

Success belongs to what one wants and can do not only to what one wishes for ...

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