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How Marathon and the battles vs Persians inspire the Greek warrior , Coach Chris Chougaz

Coach Chris Chougaz, had a long conversation with Jiří Punčochář for , about how he managed to carry out a difficult task which lead Brno team from the bottom to the top 8 teams and the play-offs since he took over in mid-November. Egoe Brno Basketball is now in the Elite top 8 teams of the Czech League for the first time in 8 years.

He passionately lives every game and uses examples from the ancient Greek history in his speeches to inspire his players. European players are great soldiers and they follow the program he says.

A man who enjoys watching NCAA, Euroleague and Champions league says:

Brno is a great city and deserves a good quality team! That's my dream!

Born in Alexandria Egypt, of Greek origin, his family as many other families were forced by the government to leave their homes. At the age of 3 his family moved to Greece and their new home was Nea Smyrni were coach Chougaz grew up and started playing basketball at a very young age for Panionios , later on a coach, and has ever since been a loyal fan.

Once a Panther, Always a Panther! as he says. (Panthers is the nick name of the fans of Panionios)

He speaks about his dreams, his philosophy, his long career as a player and as a coach, basketball in Greece and how the legendary National team of 1987 lead all Greeks into basketball, playing against Galis and Giannakis, how he feels at home in Brno by enjoying Greek food and a nice cup of coffee, how Marathon (the suburb he moved to with his family 7 years ago) and the historical battles give him the motivation to take challenges.,

Chris Chougaz is a passionate man who enjoys a well organized life , a proud Greek , a visionary leader, a man who honors his past and never stops dreaming! Read the full story here

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